Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"From one weird cult to another..."

Wow! Great share from Henry the Fiddler

Steve Gaskin talks about his first Rainbow and meeting with Love, July, 1980.
34 years ago Rainbow went east for the first time and Wavy Gravy coaxed Steve into coming, telling him "It breeds hippies like mosquitoes!" On Sunday, July 6, 1980, Steve stood before his entire tribe at The Farm in Tennessee and gave this rather amazing (and at times hilarious) 23 minute report. I ordered a cassette copy from The Farm shortly thereafter and recently digitized it. If you don't have time to listen to the whole thing here's a list of some of the timings in the mp3 you can skip to. You can also download the file with a right click and save as. Here's the link:

00:00, Rainbow Gathering
07:30, Love Family
09:25, the Mack Bus as a "Nile River Barge"
15:26, "From one weird cult to another ..."
19:24, "Pissed, Dumb, Doubt"
Please enjoy this amazing and rare account of the meeting of the heads of two of the largest spiritual communities from the new age/hippie era!