Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Family at a Rainbow Gathering in the early 80's


  1. We would like to purchase a copy of this film if their are any copies to be purchased. I would like to speak more with you about my situation.
    Thank you

  2. I am so sorry I won't be able to catch the SIFF screening. My birth mother is Understanding, and although I never lived with the Love Family, it has had a huge impact on my life. I'm looking forward to watching your film someday, hopefully soon!

  3. Hey Eric, I grew up going to rainbow gatherings and I lived next to the Love Family in Washington and went to many easter egg hunts, festivals and gatherings there. I'm actually doing a documentary project on my family's story myself - and I live in NYC. Let's get together!

  4. I was so happy to find this clip online. My father Asaph joined the family in the early 70's. I was known as Jerahmiel then or in jest as "Asaph's daughter". I had a wonderful experience and learned many of my core values growing up with them. I miss my connections there often. It was fun seeing my old friends and poeple who touched my so life deeply. I will never forget any of them. I would dearly love to see this film in it's entirety. Please let me know when it may be available.
    Thanks so much for the reverie..
    Valerie Murfin